Ma (petite) vernithèque

A England: 

-Captive Goddess
-Dancing With Nureyev
-Excalibur Renaissance
-Let Me In
-Spirit Of The Moors

Agnès B:

-Petit bleu

Bondi New york: 

-Lady Liberty

Butter London: 

-Lucy In The Sky

Ciaté (miniatures):

-Amazing Gracie
-Candy Floss
-Fit For A Queen
-Ivory Queen
-Main Stage
-Members Only
-Pillow Fight
-Play Date
-Snow Globe
-Sugar Plum
-Tweed and Tails

Ciaté (full size): 

-Kiss Chase


-Luminous Owl

Color Club:

-Cosmic Fate

Color Show:

-Knitted Gold (Brocades)

Enchanted Polish:

-November 2014
-December 2014
-Flashing Lights


-Beyond Cozy
-Decadent Dish
-Dive Bar
-Imported Bubbly
-Mint Candy Apple
-Peach Daiquiri
-Sole Mate
-Sweet Talker


-n° 30 Rapid Grey (collection Quick&Go)
-n° 51 Holographic Green (collection Holographique)
-n° 61 Chameleon Beige (collection Chameleon)

Il était un vernis: 

-Beyond Words
-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Crush on Blue
-Light Box
-Live, Love, Laugh
-Matcha Doing Today
-My Favorite Popsicle
-No Comment

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP):

-Float On
-Happily Ever After
-Honor Roll




-n° 271
-n° 275
-n° 300
-n° 338
-n° 359
-n° 436 (collection Laser)
-n° 586
-n° 617 (collection Mirror)
-n° 625 (collection Mirror)
-n° 661 (collection Fancy Top Coat)
-n° 664 (collection Fancy Top Coat)
-n° 859 (collection Quick Dry)

Kure Bazaar:

-Corso 22

Lime Crime: 



-Not So Sweet
-Redicalist X Pshiiit Exclusive


-Alpine Snow
-An Affaire In Red Square

Picture Polish: 

-Big Bang
-Malt Teaser
-Water Melon

Rare Nails: 


Yes Love: 

-n° 619


-Bronze Aztec
-Vert d'Orient

To be completed.....

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